Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

158 SEE. VI. knowledge croffes not at all ; and therefore matt men are willing to heare, and know, but in praóice they fall (hors. But in this they are deceived, for this Truth brings more plcafure in the prglice and ufe of it, than in the knowledge and contemplation of it. Inftance in Faith, fuppofe thou know all the dotïrine of Faith, the knowledge is pleafanr, much more in pra ice, if thou wilt letit goe at liberty, if it may pacifie,and purifie thy heart, if thou be much in contemplating thy prlviledges in Chrift, thou (halt finde the the fweet of it. And fo I may fay of love , , and patience,and every grace: Knowledge of things is like Wine or Cordials (landing on the Table,thou canft view them, and looke on them then, and have them prefented to thee, but if thou (cede on them by' praEtice,how do they warme thy fpirirs,and quicken thee if they be digefted, and diftributed into all the parts, into all the faculties, (for that is digefture) till they wine to flea] and bloud, and fpirits, as it were, then thou (halt finde their fweetneffc, even . more than any man can exprefle, who himfelfe bath not felt ir. objefl. But now all the queftion is, how (hall a man be Iable to do this': It may be many will be ready to fay, I could bee content to doe it, but I am not able; I have many good purpofes and delires, and am wil- ling to praife what I know, but lam weake in per - LA?nfip . formance. Means how to I will onely point to the heads; by theft meaner let the Di" ac thou (halt doe it. liberty. Fiat, thou mutt fake to G o n, befeech Him x Prayer. to let this Truth at liberty,be convinced of thine own difability, There is a Wevelation of lbrath