Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

againft all unrighteourneffe of men. difability, in thy felfe, that if thou goe about it by thine owne ftrength, thou (halt lofe thy labour : In his owne ftrength no man (hall be (trong, it is Gods power muff doe ir, Pfal, z r 9.2 2 . I will run the spay of thy Commandements when thou (halt enlarge my heart. David had this truth, but it was not in his power to fet it at liberty; therefore he goes to God, acknow. ledges his owne infufficiency,defires God to enlarge his heart, and when bee hath let it at liberty, the harfhnefl'e will be taken off; and thou wilt run freely the way of Gods Commandements. The like is in 2 Cor, z o. 4. The weapons of our warfare are mighty, but how' Through Ged to bring down the freq. holds, in our hearts; there be ffrong holds in-men, certaine reafon in the underflanding, certaine lulls in the will and affections, and thefe cannot be beaten downe by all the wit in the world, and all underflanding that thou canit learne out of any Morali Writers, or the Scriptures themfelves ; but there is a power through God to doe it, to bring downe thefe ftrong holds,to bring all into fubjeEtion ; therefore goe to God, beg it carnally, and let him give thee no denial]. Secondly, as thou muff goe to him, fo thou muff doe fornething thy felfe,thou muff praóife thy felfe, and the more thou doft fo,the more thou (hall be let at liberty ; the more thou fetref`l thy felfe to worke, the more ground thou (hair ger, the more Truth will be enlarged ; as it is in marble,the mor e y ou rub it,the more it will ihine;f o the more this truth is ufed, the brighter it will bean our actions; themore thou putteft it in practice, themore power fhait thou have in thy life, as Chrifi fayes, If yye beleeve my filings, yee 159_ SER. Vd, 2, Prat}ife the Truth.