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againit all unrighteoulnefle of men. you may fee it by the motions of the body, the ef- fedis of the foule in the body, this the fenfes are ca- pable of; fo the invifible things of God are knowne by the things that are Cecile. Lafi of all, this is fit out by the end, wherefore God hath done this, the end is, that they may be with- out excufe: And fo farre he proves the firfi part,that there is a Truth revealed to men. In the next words he comes to prove, That they with -hold the Truth in unrighteouf »efe; For they knew God, but they glorified him not a God, and not nega- tively only,but affirmatively alfo, Their foolifb hearts are full of darkeneffe, they became vaine in their ima- ginations. But, they were wife men, Grecians, Athenians, men excelling in wifedome zit other, how did they detaine it, one would thinke they did enlarge it t' It is true, they were wife in their owne conceit; but thinking ncetnfelves wife, they became fooles : how doth that appeare ? They turned theglory of theincor- raptible God into the Image of corruptible man, &c. So much for the ícope of the words. Wee will not runne to every particular, becaufe this is a place of Scripture on which wee meane not to dwell, but thefe three points we intend to handle out of thefe two verfes. In the handling of which, you tha11 fee all there particulars will be brought in : The fief} is, That that Law, or Truth, or Know. ledge, by which every man (hall be judged, ù made ma- nifeft by God himflfe. Secondly,The workes of God,or the creation ,are the meanes by which flee bath made it knowne. M 3 Thirdly;_ 1 i65 SE Q.V11. 4 2. That they with -hold the Tiuth inun- ripteou{nctre