Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

SE g. VII. Doti. r. That Truth,o Law,orknow -' Iedge,bywhich every man aril be judged, is made minifeet by God Him. felfe. r What this Truth is. TÓ reJF.ÓV. The Lem of mans judgement Thirdly, They are fo much made knowne to every man, a,J will make him inexcufable. To begin with the ftrft, I fay, That Truth, or that Law, or that Knowledge, by which every manJhall be judged 4t the laß day, id.made evident to him by God Himftlfe. in this propókion you muff marke three things: Firft, what it is that is made knowne ; It is that Lawor Truth,by which every man (hall be. judged; the word in the originali, is TG ymrov, That which maybe knowne of God, that is, there is a certaine mea- fure and portion of Truth, which God difpofes and reveales to men, to Tome one meafure, tofome an- other meafure and according to the meafure of Truth he mull conforme himfelfe, and for breaking that rule onely, he fhall be condemned at the fait day: The Gentiles have one meafure of Truth, the Iewes have a greater meafure,but Chriflians,to whb the Gofpell is revealed, have the greateft meafure of Truth given them : Againe, fome Chriflians that live underbetter Minifteries,they whole education is be trer,they have more truth than others :Now Peeing he faith it is made manifell, the meaning is, every man bath a meafure,and that is to be made manifeft ; as light when it comes into a roome,it fhowes all the glory, all the beauty and deformity round about, it fhowes the right way and the wrong way, if you come to the light, all things are made tsranifeft now, which were covered, when youwere in darkenefl'e: thus God enlightens men, he kindles a certaine light in their minde (for fo the word fig ifies) he puts a light into their hearts, by which they are ableto j ,dge