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is made maniefi by God. i67 judge of that which is good and evill, of that which SE R. VII. is agreeable to his will, and contrary to his will; of that which is the way to happineffe, and that which is not ; and this is made knowne. The fecond thing torbe marked in thispropo I. How it is fition, is, to (hew, how itis made knowne; you fee made known. that the thing is made knowne unto us : Now it is made knowne to us thefe foure wayes. Foure wayes. Firft, it is made knowne to us by the light of N ature,God bath written the Law in their hearts,Rom. BY the light o z. 15 . They 'hew theefeIs ofthe Law, which Law is written in their hearts, that is, God bath implanted it there, God bath written it there, He bath faftned it there,He hath revealed to men foure Truths: but the queflion will be how it (hall be knowne that G o n bath done fo; why(faith he) you (hall know it by the ef%ds,every man, even Heathens, though they have not come to the knowledge of the Scripture, yet they have the Law written in their hearts, for they doe the things contained in the Law, their actions fhow it, they could not doe theft things, if they had not the Law written in their hearts. Agaioe,their conlciences accule andexcufe. Againe,ir is feene by their judging of others,for in judging of others,they judge themfelves, and make it evident, that they doe know, though they doe not praaife, and fo it is re- vealed by the Law of Nature. Secondly,God makes it known by his works, fpe_ 3 By Gods cially, by the Creation of the World, by His works worker. of Providence,wch be ordinary,and extraordinary,as miracles, that is, when a man lookes on the great vo- lume of the world, there thofe things which God M will