Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

is made manifef by God. 173 that the Son of God muff needs take flefh,which the I SE R. VII. Angels then (elves wonder at ; it is fuch a wonder. full aelion, that they cannot but admire, and in hea- ven we fhall Eland amazed at it ; which evidences the greatneffe of fin : learne to know this, put all thee foure together, and 'fee how there doe hold corre_ fpondency one with another, and you (hall finde out the nature of your fin. Firft, confider the greatneffe of God his infnit- neffe, the greatneffe of his Authority, the wonder. full vaft Soveraignty he hath over all creatures;from this greatneflè of God, comes the fecond, thegreat- nefle of fin, I have made knowne this Truth, bur thou haft with - holden it, thence it comes that fin is fo great, that the leaft finne which thou makelt no- thing of; is a thing of fo great moment. That is the fecond, which followes on the greatneffe of God. Thirdly, upon the greatneffe of fin, you fee the greatneffe of the punifhment if fuch an one as t4rifiat1e,or a ftranger from the Truth fhould Beare of this punifhment (the greatneffe whereof' appeares herein, that the worme dieth nor, and the fire is not quenched,) how would bee wonder at it but knit- ting thefè together it will not fame ftrange. Laft of all, the greatneffe of the punifhment can. feth the greatneffe of fuch a Mediatour,to take away this punifhment and finde : So there is a correfpon. dency in them, come from God to fin, from fin to the punifhment, from punifhment to the Mediation or redemption, by which this finne is taken away. Learne therefore to know what finne is, I know not a truth of greater moment. And to all adde that, I C'r.