Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

4 SE RM.!. Mans nature full of ungodlinef : fecond. Now when he faith, All ungedlineff ,and all unrighteoufnefte of men. The meaning is, That in mans nature there is all kinde of ungodlineffe, and unrighteoufneffe of all forts. And againe, that is ro be marked, unrighteoufneffe of men :he fees it down in general, becaufe he fpeakes it of all men,none ex- cepted, fo you mutt take both in; Every man (none excepted) is full of all unrighteoufneffe, all impietie, all parts of impietie, all kindes of unrighteoufneffe i are found in him. But how will this be proved r Hee proves it by two Arguments. Firft,becaufe the wrath of God is revealed againft every man : and G o D being a juft Iudge, his wrath would not be kindled againft men, except there were tuft caule ; and that is one Argu. ment. But how (hall wee know that G o D is angric with men a faith hee, It is revealed from ESeaven. i Whence three things maybe noted.For thence you may fee the evidence of his wrath, r: is revealed. And fecondly, the fureneffe ofit, it comes from heaven, and G o D will be as good as his word. And thirdly, the Terribleneffe of ir, it is revealed from heaven. For when God is laid rofat in heaven, and to laugh them to [Coyne. And z Cor. 6. to fit in heaven, it argues he doth things powerfully. But you will aske, how is the wrath of God re- vealed from heaven r It is revealed by the light of ,nature. Every man hash fo much light in him, as to know that hee deferves wrath, and judgement, and punifhment. And partly it is revealed by the Scripture, and partly by continuall experience; GO D is ever and anon Wrath of God rçvealed bow.