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Mans nature full of ungodlinef . anon executing his wrath and judgement on fanners. And that is the firft Argument. The fecond Argument to prove their unrighte. oufneffe, is, becaufe they With -hold the truth in un- righteoufnefe. And here is a fecret objetion anfwe. red. For it may be obje&ed, There be many excel- lent things in men as your morali Philofophers,had they not much light in their underftandings r Much reaitude in their lives r Did they not pra6tîce many morall vertues r That is all one, it will but encreafe their condemnation. It was God's worke to put fo much light,fo many excellent things in them,which had they ufed as they fhould,and might, thofe Prin- ciples would have flied themfelves into their whole foule and converfation, but they imprifoned them, ¡hutting them up within the walls of their Conici- ence : men doe not ufe the light they have, nor im. prove it, they doe not bring it out in their Jives and converfations, but with-hold it inunrighteoufnefe. So that in the words there are three points laid downe, all which wil helpe exceedingly to humble us.Firft, That mans nature is full of all impietie and unrighteou f nef . The fecond is, The wrath of God wiPfurely fall on men for this. If finne went alone it would not fo much amaze men,but when thewrath of God comes too, accompanied with the fruits of his wrath, men out of felte-love will bee moved therewith. The third, That all thegood in a man hffore his regeneration frees onely to helpe forward his condemnation. But before I conic to the handling ofthefe points; one point we muff needs obferve out ofthe Method of the Apof}le.This that he faith here in few words, B 3 is 5 $ERM.I.