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Doti. Humiliation mutt goc be- fore Iuflifica- tion. Deut.8.2,3 How God humbled the lfraelites. Humiliation before Iuflification. is amplified to the middle of the third Chapter. All which time he fpendsinexprefï'ing particularly how mans nature is full of impiety, and unrighteoufneffe : and when he bath done that,he urges juflification by Chrifl ; and after that he comes to San &ification. Wherein the Apoffles Method is very obferva- ble : and therefore from his Method ( before wee come to the maine)we wil briefly deliver this point. That Humiliation mull goe before Ïufhfcation : You may obferve it from the Method ufèd. Men muff firff be convinced of theirimpiety and unrighteouf- neffe,before they can be fit to receive the Gofpel.As the Phyfitians have their Method in curing, fir(f to purge and cleanfe the body,and then to give Cordi- als : fo it is a rifle in Divinity, you muff be humbled before you can be ju[liled,or, Humiliation goes be- fore Iuftification. Which may be gathered not on- ly from this, but likewiíe from many other places. You (hall find it is the courfe God takes every where with men, and it is a very necefiary thing to bee knowne ; for by reafon of the ignorance of this Me. thod,men doe not take the right courfe,they goe not the right way to worke.This is the caule many core tinue in the gall of bitterne/fe,and in the bond of iniqui- tie, they know not the right way to come out. I lay, you shall finde in other places. Obferve,Deut.8. 2,3 . You (hall finde there how God deales with his peo- ple,he carries them thorow the rvilderneffe,and to what end? To humble them; and how doth Hee humble them Two wayes; Firff, by flaming them the fan - fulneffe of their hearts, letting them know their re- bellions and ffartiugs afide,when He led them along, faith