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Humiliation before ruflification. 13 fible of their mercy, they will bring him to the ut- S E K M.I. termof},they will bring his necke to the blocke,then he will know that he was ïaved, he (hall have more fenfe of his pardon. And fo G o n in the works of Humiliation,humbles a man exceedingly; and when that is done, then He is feene in the Mount. He is not feene till men be in extremitie, that is, He will have them on their knees, and fo be fenfible of that mer- cie of His, which otherwife they would not prize. The end of all is Chrift,He wilihave Chriji ef}eemed and known; and this men will never doe till they be throughly humbled. Secondly, God will have it fo with reference to Rear n 2. San 3iñcation, that is the fecond reafon, and that for Inference to there caufes. sanckis«tion. Fir(}, becaufe otherwife mens thoughts would never bee drawee inward, men would never with- To make men draw themfelves from Covetoufneffe the and from re- t` °e mtelves. garding vanity; but luf}s of youth in them that bee young,and bufineffe and correfpondencie in matters of State, and one thing or other would take up the mindes of them that be old, and would fo occupie their thoughts, that we might fpeake long enough, but mens minds would goe after an hundred feverall vanities; as the Pfalmiff faith, Gon is not in all the thoughts of a wicked man, before he be humbled,that is, God is not there to any purpofe,northe things be- longing to the kingdome of G o n, but vanity is in their thoughts, and that raifes fuch' a Tumult and noife within that they attend not to what we fay,but locke up the doores of their heart, that what we fay can have no entrance.We íhal fee it in z Chr.3 3 . a 2. when