Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

Humiliation before Iujification. your felves with fins of uncleannefíe, how often you have broken the Commandements; looke on your idleneffe, your omiffions, your finfull filence, your ncgiedt of prayer and other duties. Goe overall par- ticular f ns,and their multitude will amaze you Re. member the fins you have committed twenty yeares agoe, and take this rule withall, that tilde fins are the fame now that they were, though not in thy ap. prehenfion, that is,the weakenefí'e of our nature; as iris the:weakneffe of oureye, wee cannot difccrne a thing that is a great diftance from it, it is its weake- neffe, that it cannot fee things as they are, but that will feeme little or nothing which in it felfe is bigge. So it is with the fins that we have committed many yeares agoe,we thinke them little,and paft,but know that they arethe fame in themfelves, and in G ti D's eftecme,as they were before,for he fees them as they are: Therefore, I fay, confider them, lay them to- gether, and fee the multitude, and that .will helpeta, amaze thee. And not that only, but confider them with their circumftances: force, it may be, have beene com- mitted againtt light of confcience, and that aggra- vates fin, it makes a fmall fin out of meafure finfirll: when it is committed againft knowledge,it is net the fame with the finagainft the H o t. Y G H o s r, but it is neare to it. Againe,confider the hardneffe of thy heart,in fin - ning, the very fine cloth not hurt fo much as that, when a man flights it, he knowes he bath finned, yet goes about his bufineffe, and neglects it,and this c d' looke at. When a man is injured, the injuryis not fo 25 SERat.!. Coi fides the number of for- mer fouts. Old fìnres thought leire than they be. The circum- flances of fins. Hardneí'e of heart in fin- ning,