Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

26 S E R 5 Rc tyres into the laine fins. No : xcufe of fanne from our prooenctiçto rt. Simile. Humiliation before Iu.ftiftcation. fo much to him as it is to fee the other to ugh Ct ir, he cares not for angringme. So you Tooke back on your fins in a cold,regardlefl :,and negligent manner. Againe, confider your relapfes and falls into the fame fins, againe,and againe,though you have beetle often admonifhed of it, yea, and have made a cove- nant and vow to God never to fall into it. And know this,that relapfes and fallings into fin,ofcen fland for fo many fumes as in numbers the fecond figure is in proportion to the firfl, which is ten times as much as the firfi, and the third an hundred times as much : So the addition of fins, by falling into them againe and againe, and that carelefely too, that makes the I finne a great deale more ; confider this. And if you goe about to excufe your felves, It is true, i f G o n fheald marke all that is done arnif , who can fland r But I hope I (hall be pardoned,my nature is violently carried ,1 am 1lefh and bloud,and I hope G o D will pitie me. But this Mould humble you the more, that you are ready to fall into fin a acne, and againe, if it bee thus in your aetions, it is much more aboundant in . the heart. For put cafe there be a necellïtie,haff thou not caufed it thy felfe Againe, you muf{ know aCtuall fins intend originali corruption, and there is no man that is guilty of any prevalent lull, but hee was the caute of it, for if he had not by committing it-often, careltfiely and negligently given fo much frength to ir, it had not lo prevailed. Addition of fin in every aCt of fin varnifhes over originall fin, it makes it more a4ìive, more efficacious in -his life. A maths weight in the: ballance weighes downe the fcales,