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Humiliation before 7uThficarion. fcales, but if it be put to his flrength too, that is as much more as his weight. So if you have any thong fins, you have caufe to humbled for it, but when you put your ffrength to it, it intends that originali habite of fin : So that the neceffity that lyes on thee, by reafon ofthy nature, it aggravates thy filer. 13. 23. The Prophet aggravatcstheir fin from their ca- llow in it, they could choofe not to ftrne no more than the Black-moore could change his skin : The Prophet, I lay, brings kin for this purpofe to aggravate fin. See it in our owne cafe,when a man comes to be accufed before a Iudge, if he plead hee is accuflomed to filch a fin,to (wearing or drinking,doth it not encreafe his condemnation r So that though you fay, I did flip through frailty,yet,I fay,you have caufeto be hum- bled for ir. I will but name the fecund Vfe(for I.have refpeeì to the Timeand Weather.) Secondly, not onely evil.imen,but goodmen within theCovenant fhóuld° make this ufe of it,. to humble themfrlives-, for they have need-of it. A mantnuff know this, when hee is oncchumbledand come into fate of grace, ` hehath not then donewieh Flumiliation,it is practifed Hilt.' For therçisxhisdifference betweene a wicked roan and ;another. Many are like a land. flood, none more ready robe religious than they, (as your great land - flouds fweii, though, they have no Spring to feed them) but with a godly man it is otherwifé,Hu_ =niliarion is in: him as a Spring, Flee hash not done with it at his Converfion, but prabifethir fill. And not only fo, but he muff labour to adde to the mcafure of it, and that will adde to his love and to 27 S E R M.l. Yfe 2. Good men 4,ould l.ibour to be bumbled