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70 SE R. UL i Cor. t6. ss. ;, Of Time. That the Nature of man is full of confefl'es this want of love, although i Cor. 16. 2 2. He is pronounced accurfed that loves Not the Lox D I e s u s, let him be had in execration to the death. So the want of delight in G o D, who thinkes of it ? Come to our Callings, and fee our negligence and idlenefï'e in them ; fhall we give account for eve- ry idle word we fpeake, and not for every idle boute we fpend e Let young Gentlemen looke to this, that paffe from v ni ity,fpending their time idly, and unp ri R, t their Seed-time. Con. Gder what '.'k, s, ' a ton is. And fo for grow. ing in Cpitttca :c, nowledge,that we gather not more iirhowl , being the key of heaven; that we grow no workes, but are poore in them, omitting o .., and opportunities. Again, our finfull a Éio not fpeaking when we fhould, ei- ther out of ¶io Çgifhn or team of men, or by- refpeâs, this islto furling, G o D will call thee roan account for it. fin' Confider whether y Au have let goe occafions of doing good; denying or meat and drinks kils a man as well as poifon, fothe negleting of duties, the o- miffion of what tends to falvation ¡hall be death, as well as aduall finnes, by which you provoke the eyes of G o D's glory to vengeance. Therefore in that fentence of C x a r ST, He loth not tell them what they have done, but what they have not done; You have not clothed mee, you have not vifited mee : Learne therefore to judge aright of thefe finnes of omiffion, that they may helpe to amaze us, and fo much foratuall fins. And fo much for the Law, the fiat part of our rule, wherein we have run thorow the 4. Of occaG- ons.