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all unrighteoufne [Je and ungodlinef . the corruption of the Faculties, and fb have difcove- red our habitual! tannes, and now thorow the three kindes of aEtuall fiunes, in Thought, in Word, and in Ation. The fecond rule, which I told you we are to ob- ferve, is the Gofpell. And here you thinke you /hall fcap: well enough,for the Gofpell brings damnation to no body. But if you confider of it ar ou alj zfind that the Gofpell is much mo fe than the Law, that it will hu .' 5. s that the fins againft the Gofpell ar 't han thole againft the Law. Marke this in briefe :_ CHRIST when GoD of fins by Min, that you will, if you will have Hi conditions, as are requir f u f i n g of I fi s u s t4. apcl remilfion Iim when you pon confequent thich is to deny your felves, to take up your cr r and follow Him: this we preach continually : I f y, this contempt of the Gofpell, your unwillingneffe to take C H R i s T is a great finne, and that fhould humble you above all the rat. And that you may know that I have reafon to fay fo, confider CI-1R I S T's fpeech,It/hall be more eafie for Sodome and Gomorrah, than for fùsh a people, for fuch a Citie, as when the Gofpell of the Kingdome was preached to them, neglected it, fo that the finne of Sodome is not fo great a finne as the refufing of C n a i s T. You know the greatneffc of that finne, the punifhment fhewes it,vet it is not fo great as this. Againe, it is Paid of Mofis and CHRISTI being F 4 compared s. Rule the G ofpell. Sinnes againft the Gofpell. Vnwilling- neiTe to take Chrif. The greatnefle of this franc. :a