Preston - BV824 P73 1631

4 S I 6 The firfi Sermon andDelight. q. Your chiefefl Refuge towhomyour hearts retireon all occafions. 5 Whether you fet him vp in your heàrts for the chiefefl Commander. MyBeloved, ifyou finde all this done by you, then out ofdoubt, Chrifi belongs to you; Theyare all feverall, but they meet in one cent , and (erne together to make vp oneruleoftriall to you, toknowwhether you haue tooke Chrifi to you or no and I will han die them all difiinóly as I haue named them vnto you. I Therefore confider whether Chri fi be thy chiefefi Excellency; for it is naturali to every man to feeke force excellency or other. Indeed beafis, fo they mayhaue that which is necefla- ry for the life ofnature& fervice, it is enough for thern;and it maybe it is enough for all bru- tifhmen , whofe foules areburied in their bo - dyes that but fepulchres of men, in whom that s ofexcellency which is rationall, that belongs to a man, is quenched in fenfuali- ty ; And thefe men it may be feeke no excel- lency at all, but foe theymay liue in pleafures, fo they may haue that which belongs to their bodies, and to this prefent life itis enough for them. But of a man that bath any thingofa man in him, as he is a man, fo aman i fay con - fdered in thefe higher parts of his foule, his mindandhis rvill; he feekes another excellency futable