Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 7 futabl to this part: he ahigher, a more t`;á more fpiritualf, immateriali fub- fiance, fuch as the foule is, andaccording as mens mindes are ofdivers fafhions, toa man is in awayof feekeing feverall excellencies, for himfelfeyea according to their different ages; Children delight in childifh things, and fodoe men likewife, from whom this childifhnes is worne, but I fay , to their feverall fafhion and vnderftanding , fo, they feekea feverall excel- lency,fome feeke learning and knowledge and to beexcellent in their profeffion , and that is the excellency that Tome would haue. Some feeke great places of authority and com- mand,: & iftheyhad their with, that is the ex. cëllency that they would haue ; Some feeke favour ofthe Prince : Some tohaue a great e- flare, that menmay fay , he is worth fo much, hehath filchLordfhips, and fuch fairehoules, and lands belonging to him, ifheehad the ex- cellency he defìres, that he would haue. Every man in his owne kinde, according as wens vn- derflandings are ftronger, according to their different educations as it hath beene more no- ble, and ingenious , according to the feverall companyes that theykeepe, where they finde fuch and fuch things magnified; according to the feverall ages they liue in As we fay,fome- thing is in requefl in one age, in one company, fomething in another ; I fay according to the feverall occafions , fo every man feckes a feve- rall