Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 5 ding to this time being taken vp for theprepa- ration for the Sacrament, yet I fay is vfefull to all,and therefore we may the moreboldly ven- ture upon ir, and you ought to attend it more diligently: I will giueyou but thefe twomaine notes or rulesby which you (hall try it. Who- foevet is inChrift there muff paffe a doublead: one onour part, another on Chrifls part,, y beloved is mine,.and ton his, we take Chrift and Chrifl takesys;wherefoevcr you find thefe two ads, fuch a man is in Chrift: Theremull be an adon our part,. fomethingthe heart and mind ofa man mull doe to take and receiuc Chrif}, Secondly the Lord fends and puts forth foixie- thingofhis, anad of his, he doth put forth an ad ofthe Holy spirit,_ whereby he compre- hends vs, and takes vs. Now ifthou finde in thy felfe thefe two that the heart bath exe'rci- fed that at oftaking the Lord Iefus; Secondly thathe bath. Pent forth .a vertue &put forth an ad.ofhis to take thee , & tocomprehend thee; then certainly thouart in Chrifl,and if it be fo, all the priviledges-belong to thee, ifnot, thou haft nothing to doe with this holy. Sacrament. Now for that adwhich is onour part, it is but this, you mutt confider thefe things. r Whether you makeChrift your chiefeft Excellency. 2 Whether you make him your chiefeft Treafirre: 3 Whether youMake him your chiefeft lay B3 and