Preston - BV824 P73 1631

The firfi Sermon rail excellency to himfelfe.. Now .confider what is the excellency thy heart defìres, aboue all things eis., whether it bee Iefus Chrifi., to .bee in hire , to excel! in grace, to haue a new draught of Gods Image tobee made in thy . foule, or whether fome fuch thing as I'hauena med; Confider what is the proper vertue thou wouldeft haue thy foule toexcell in, for there are feverall vertues,every thing hath fome ver- tue or other which is proper to it, as the vertue ofaknife is tocut well, & thevertucof a horfe to goe well, and thevertue ofa fouldier is to fight well, and the vertue ofa Chriftian to bea holyman, tobe holy, grations, andvnblame- able in his converfation. Now what is the proper excellency thy heart aymes at , what "is that thou efteemeft thyvertue,that ifthouwert putto thy choyfe that thou mighteft haue a withgranted thee; whether thouwouldeft &- fire this, to excel! ingrace andholynes,tohaue thy finfull lufts mortifycd , tohaue thy heart ut into a holy frame of grace : or whether, if thou wouldeft deale impartially with thy felfe) -is it not fotne other excellency that thy kart runnel vpon that thy thoughtsand aftc. &ions are moft fet vpon? Confider when thou looke vponothers, what feemes molt graci- ous:in thy fight;bywhat thoudoeft moltvalue the excellency ofanother.ran ist it is likely thou fo efteemeft thy felfe alfo: Cófider there- fore I fay what thou meafureft thy felfeby A man 41._ S )