Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. man that is in Chrift,fets fomuch byhimfelfe, and by everyman as he is in Godsbook, and as you fee,men are rated , and their wealthe- fteeined according as they are in the Kings bookes. See what thy heart faith to this,whe- ther thou fctteff fo much by thy.felfe, I fay, and by every manels , as he is in Gods favour, as hebath theeminencyofgrace and bolines aboveothers , or wherher it be fomething els by which thou rateft thy felfe &others: Con - fider what is that outward Badge, that livery, that Cognizancetlou delreff to weare,which thouwouldeft boaff ofamong men: you fhall fee it inPaul, (faith he) when I come amongft you I doe not regard theexcellencyofnaturall wifdome , I carenot to come with that : The time was when I prized ir, as you prize it now, but now (faith bee) it is another excellency which I lecke , which I defìre to weare (as it were) when I come amongff-you;ro preach the gofpell ( faith -hee) I care for nothing cis., I care not to be thought of toknow. lien Chriff crucifyed: Confider with thy é what thou wouldeft haue molt eminent in th _ e, in the eyes and Bares ofmen , that which thou wouldeff weare in the view of all the world; whether it bee the liveryof Chriff,to profeífe the feare ofGod,to excell in grace and holynes though the world difgt ce thee,def- pife thee andhate thee, for iis,`tt thy heart delires? Its a figne thou feekeft Chriff for C thy