Preston - BV824 P73 1631

ThePit Sermon thy excellency. Confider likewife what it is that thou efteemeft thy chiefeft wifdore, for it is the difpofition ofinen before they be in Chrift, before they haue experienceofthe wá,ies ofGod,before they be regenerate,when they looke vpon thofe wayes in others,they reckon them folly,they are foolifhnes toevery natural man:but when they areonce inChrift, then they arewildome vnto him, that is, bee reckons him the wife(' man that excels moft in thofe foolifhcourfes, as beforehee reckoned them;it is the Lords expref on Dea. 4.6. This cut 4.E' (hallbeyour tvi(dome before allpeople, to keepe my Lanes and Commmndemens.Confìdernow what is that thou reckoned' thy chiefeft wifedome, beforeall people, whether thou thinkeft, that which before thou thinkedfi folly& weaknes, and had'ft a difpofition in thy heart to con - temne and Borne, whether thou fetteft it at a higher price, and doff in truth thinke it thy wifdome, and art willing that all theworld fhould know that thou thinkeft fa: Thus you (hall finde that you makeChrift yourexcellen- cie,(that is) whether you inyour hearts(feing every man defires force or other) whether thy heart goe this wayor no,to.feek a vertue in the excellencie of Ieáfus Chrift, and fo flew them forth to others,that thoumay'ff bea Chriftian, that thou mayft be found in him , that thou may ft be able to fay as Paul faid , I reckon all other things as droffe, as bate and.vile things, onely