Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacramento onely to be found in Chrift, tobe cloathed in his righteoufneffe, toexcell in the graces of his Cpirìt , that onely I prizeas molt excellent, and mot} worthy :And this is the firft. z Secondl;T, confider what is thy chiefeft Trey . rc, foryou fee, hee that had gotten the eld,he gaue all that hehad for it, and went a- way rejoycing, for hee reckoned it his greateft treafure, and worthall the refl. It is certaine, whofoever hath taken Chrift, doth foefleeme ofhim, bee reckons him to be his chiefe trea- fure. You will fay , How Ihall I know it :' Why,confider what men dowith their trea- fure,for it is certaine(as J Paid before, ofexcel- lencie, foe)every man hath force treafureor o- ther3The pooreft man that is, bath a treafiare, Tome thing that hee e(leemes of, which hee makes account of.I askenot what thou art pof- fell of, but what thoumolt efteemefie: for trea- lures are as they are moil elteemed of. As wee fay of jewels,the worth ofthem are according to mens fanciek,_asFording as they are eftemed, fo every man a treafure; One makes this thinghis treafure,an other that. Now (I fay) confider what thou makeft thy treafùre, and you (hall knowwhat your treafure is,by there markes. i A man layes vp his treafure in the fafeft place .Then ifChrift be thy treafure, thou wilt layhim vp in the innermoft parts ofthy heart, Cz hee