Preston - BV824 P73 1631

12 The f ìrj1 Sermon he fhall not d well in thy tongue,he 'hall be laid vp in the clofet ofthyheart, he (hall not dwell in thy oardman, in thy vnderítanding on- ly, but hee (hall be laid vp in thy inward part; (that is) he (ball be pitched vpon thevery bot- tome of thyhearr,and there hee íhall reft,there thouwilt entertaine him. z Againe, what a mans treafiare is that bee keepes with his greateft care,with the greatefl warineffeand folicitude.So wilt thou the Lord Iefus, when once thou layfi him vp in thy heart, thou wilt not be careful' for any thing, fd much as tokeepe him fife, that is, to keepe the afTuranceof his favour fafe, tokeepe him mere thee,and thy felfe neere vnto him thy minde will be moft.carefull ofthis, more then ofallthings elfe: Thou wilt then take heede of all things that may caufe a diftance betweene thee and him, thou. wilt then take heede of whatfoever may loofe him, of whatfoever may make a feparation betweene the Lord and thee, thouwilt be morecarefull for this, then any man is to keepe his wealth, or to keepe whatfoever- it is that hee makeshis Treafure. 3 Againe, whatfoever is thy treafure that thou wilt moft efteeme,, thou wilt fet it at the higheft rate abone all things elfe. Before a man is in Chrift there are many other things, which in truth ,, ( how.foever bee pretend fomething elfe) which I fay , bee prizeth At a higher rate then Chri wordly vani- ties