Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. ties before hee is in Chrift,they feeme great things tohim,but when hee is in himonce,hee lookes vpon them with anothereye . My be- loued,youknow there was a time when God looked vpon thecreatures and they were ex- ceeding good, even all that are in the world, thofe things that men magnifie foe mtich,I fay, there was a time when they were exceeding good;but finnehath blowed vpon them,it hath blafted the beauty and vigour ofthem, fothat nowwhen the Lord lookes vpon them, the fentence that is pronounced ofthem you know,in Eccl.. i ._They are all vanity andvexation offpirit.Confider ifthoube able toTooke on alt thefe things,as things (even the bell things the world hash) being but meere vanity, things wherein the Lord fowed not mens happinefíe, and therefore thou. canft not thinke to reape it there. If you marke but the expreffion the wife manvfeth in 1. Ecclef. faith he, cellthins are but vanity, all things veder the Sunne ; now there is a reafoncontained in thefewords why they are but vanity, for watersyouknow they afcend not higher then the fountaine,and they carrynot any thing higher then'their áwne af- cent, foall the creatures that bee in the world, they. bee but vnder the Sunne, therefore they cannot afcend to that happines which is aboue the Sunne, nor carry you to that condition which is aboue; for happines is aboue the Sun, laid vp in Heaven. Therefore faith he, all C 3 things