Preston - BV824 P73 1631

Thefirfi Sermon thingsvnder the Sunne if theybee confidered to make a manhappy , they are but vanity: Now confider whether thy judgment be foof them or no, whether it be conformable to the Iudgment ofthe holy Ghólt, whether thouhaft this conceit ofall other things , but thequite contrary conceit of lelus Chrift ;whether thou caa aft think of him, as of one that is the molt excellent and thy chiefeft treafure, as one that is farre beyond all thefe , as one vpon whom thy heart is pirched,as one in whom thy hap- pines is conteined 4Againe a mans treafure is that,which he will be at any coft togec,hewill be at any pairies to attaine it. It is that , onwhich his heart is be- ftowed, and his affections are occupied about. Is it fowith theewhen thou comeft toChrift Iefîis e art thouwilling tobee at more colt and paynes toget him, then any thingbetides? Is thy heart and affeáions more beftowedvpon him? For where a mans treafure is, therehis heart is. I doe not aske whether thou befloweft more time upon the matters ofgrace, then the dutyes of thycalling ; but, whether thou dolt them with more intention, whether thou be- ftoweft thy time & pairies vpon them, as vpon that which thou reckoneft thy treafure,farre exceedingall other s Againe fiftly confider whether thou art willing to partwith any thing rather,thenwith Chrift Iefus : for whatfoever is amans treafure, you