Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. you know a man will part with any thing ra- ther thé with it. Whatfoever it is,that is fubjea to loffe rather thenhis treafure ; Is it fo with thee ? hadfr thou rather part withany thing then withChrift,then to part with a good con - fcience, then with thegraces of the fpirir the topart with any thing that tends toholyne4 'to build thee vp further in the worke of Gods grade : , I fay confider whether thy heart iJee willing topart with any thing rather then with Chrift;for you fhall find this,that Sathan&the world will cheapen Chrift , and when they come to bidding,they will bidwell. Confider whether thy heart cangiue a peremptory an- fwer to the world , and fay this; I will not fell Chrift, I will not fell agood confcience for any thing , yea when Satan & the world bid *heft, and tell thee as he did Chrift , that he will giue thee all the riches,and all the glory in the world , if youwill part with Chrift; confi- der whether thyheart be ready to deny what - foever he offers to thee,as he will be fure to of- fer that which will be aloft futable to thy dif- pofition, whether thy heart hath taken this re- folution to it felfe ; Chrift is my cheifeft trea- lure, I will part with all therefore, I will part with liberty, I will part with life, with goods, with credit, withpleafures, with profits, with wharfnever is neereand dear° untome , rather then I will part with our Lord Iefus. Ifthis be thy hearts refolution and minde,then Chrift is thy