Preston - BV824 P73 1631

ThefirfSermon thy cheife treafüre, that's the 2d thing. 3 Thirdly, confider what is thy cheife joy & delight, what is thy life, (I put them together; for that which is a mans chiefe joy indeed , is his life.) For we know life is nothing elfe but vilaijpy that the heart hath, whereby it is nou- ri1 d-an_d fedas it were, for life is not tohaue body and foule joyned together, tobe a living mein that fence we vfiially take lifc,for if that were life, then the men in hell Mould nit bee Paid tody the death,for you know in hell there is a conjunction of foule&body , andyet men are not fayd to hue there;for it is death which is thepunifhment offinne ; & indeed you shall finde that there is fomething a mans heart cleaues vnto, whereinhee rejoyceth, which is the fame with his life. Therefore looke as the Soule enlivens the body,fo the conjunaion of, the prefent things that he reckons his joy,that is his life, hee cannot liue without it. Now if ¿hrifl be thy chiefe joy, thou wilt finde this that thou canfl not liue without him , as men are wont to fay of theirdelights ; Such a man cannot fluewithout fuch a thing, fo it is trueof every man that hath taken Chrifl,he is not able to liue without him . This life is no life, and therefore ifthere be but feparation betweene thee andhim,ifmans confcience be as it were cloudedfora time, he findes no refl,he doth as the Spoufe in the Canticles,Sbefecksfro oneplace toanother, and,;sues herfelfenorefl, tilljheefinde him,