Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 17 him, andwhy: becaufe it was, he fvhcmhirfoule loved, Soyou (hall finde, Beloved, foever it is that your fòules loue, whatfoever you make your chiefe joy, you will take no ref},but as farre as you loue and injoy it. Therefore for the finding ofthis, whether Chrif1 be thy life and thy chiefe joy, confider what, it is that thy thoughts feedvpon; every wicked man, every man that is out of Chrifl: , there is fomething that his thoughts feed vpon, force things there are in contemplation of which the foule fola- ceth it felfe, force pleafures that arepall, pre- lent, or to come, thevery thinking of thefe are thegreateft joy ofhis heart, he roules them vn- der his tongue, even as a fervant that bathgot forne dinty bit out of his Mailers prefence,and Bates itin a c r,,er, fo the foule of a mani out of Chrifrrme fecret, force ftolen , forne vnlawfull delights , that it feeds vpon and de- lights in : Confider therefore well with thy felfe, what breakfaff thy morning thoughts haue, (that I may fo fay) what breakefaft they haue every morning, what is that Pahott m,that foodofthy foule, thy thoughtsand affeaions wherewith they are fed,&nourifhed and refre- flied from day to day; whether it bee fornecar- nall pleafure, force refittingon thy,tate,vpon thy credit, vpon thy wealth, vpon thy friends, or whether it be on Chriflr. As Davidexerci- fed it, whether theybe thy longs on thenight time, the remembranceofthem is fo, that they D haue