Preston - BV824 P73 1631

13 The _Ail Sermon .haue fomething paft whereby they comfort themfelues , fomething prefent whereby they cheare vp their hearts , fomething to come,. fomething in hope. So every man that is in, Chrift , hI hath the comforts ofthe fpirit, he hath the n station ofthepriviledges that hee hath inCi 9*- lath * hope ofgods favour, fuch are his O'i°ihtçÇ efe are the things that his foule feeds on in fecret , yea the ver workes that he loth, that feemes tobe the liar. deft part of a Chriftians life, thevery workes that hee doth in raving the Lord from day to day, even that is his meate and his drinker that is, it is as fweet and acceptable to his foule, as meat & drinke is to thehunger and thirft ofhis body: Now confider with thy felfe whether it bee fowith thee, whether that which is thy continuall feaft(without which thoucanff,not line be Chrift, that is, the aftúrance thou haft that he is thineand thou art his, ,whether it be the priviledges thouhaff inhim, things that belong to the kingdomeofGod,whether thefe be the things thy foule feeds on , whether this be thy life, the things without which thou couldeft not liue, or whether it bee Tome thing elfe,fome flollen delights,forne vnlawfull plea- lures, fomething elfe that thy foule and afreeti- ons are fet vpon. And this is thenext thingby which thou mayft try thy felfe whether thou belong to chriff or no , to confider whether she be thycheife joy,whether thy foulebe inoft filled