Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 19 tilled and fatisfyed with him. And this is the third thing. 4 The fourth is; hee is thy chicle Refuge; If< thou bee one that haft Cooke him and received him, I fay he is thy chiefe refuge. That is, as I laidofthe reft,gageveryman tiath me refuge,: Come caftieor other,to whic1;_l + foule Retires inall difficult and doubtfull cales,by reafon.of that indigency and that infufficiency to which the nature of man is fubjed There is Coale- thing that hemuff haue to leavevnto,(markeit) for mankinde is like that generation which;tlie Wifeman fpeakes of,you, know it is laidof the Connyes they areageneration notfirong, &teat then, ,8z theref re they hale their burrowes to bride themfelues in. I,fay filch is the generation of mankinde, hee is a weake creature , a genera- tion not ftrong , therefore there is fomething that heemutt leave to , fomething out ofhim - felfe, fume fufficiency befides himfelfe, Como ftrong hold, Tome refuge every manhath, I fay every manhath lone refuge or other, whither he thinkes his foulemaygoe, and therehe may haue firccour in cafes dangerous and in trou- bles. Now confider what is thy refuge, whi cher thy heart rvnnes inall fuch cafes, to what winge,towhat ftrong hold : In dangerous ca Fes, you fee every creaturebath fame refugeor other, The Child runnes Po his mother, The I Chickens ränne to the benne , TheFox tohis larth, the Conneys to their burrówes; foevery D 2 creature