Preston - BV824 P73 1631

20 The firs Sermon creature to their feverall corners and recepta- cles proper to them : I fay foe it is with every man , fo hash every one of you to whom I fpeake,there is fomewhat that is a fecret refuge to which your hearts fly. Now confider vvhe- ther that be ariaor fomewhat elfe. A cove- tousman (rather a manofthis world) hebath wealth for his flronghold , in which his heart comforts it felfe , well , what change of time foever come , yet I haue an eflate to holdme vp, and when he is ill fpoken ofabroad, yet he applaudes himfelfewith that hehath at home; The Courtiers, they haue the Princes favour, that is their refuge wherein they comfort themfelues; Thofe that are given to Company theyhaue good fellowes, fuck as they, that are their companions, and fo long as they fpeake well ofthem , theycarenot who fpeake ill of' rhem;Some of this kind, fóe ofanother, every man bath his refuge. Ifyou will looke into the fcriptures,you fhall feeDavids refuge,fee inany difireffe, vpon anyoccafion,At Ziglaghecófor- I Saw. 30. 6. tech himfelfe in the Lord,his heart did fly tohim, as the chickens fly to thehenne, therehe com- forted himfelfe, there bee fhrowded himfelfe, there hce encouraged himfelfe in the Lord, when he fledfrom his fonneAbfolon, was not the Lordhis refuge? Yet (faith hee) Reeùmy buckler andmy flroreg hold. Pfalm. 3 which was made vpon that occafion: What was Jacobs re- fuge when he fledfrom his brother Ffau ? Did not le.