Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 2 i not hee goc to the Lord , and feeke to him by prayer:' Lord thou haftfaidthouwilt doe megood, nowIfly vnto thee,I befeech thee performe thy prornife, thou art my refuge. Confider others now,what was their refuge : ludd's, when hee had betrayed his Mailler Chrift, &his confci- ence was vpon him for it, heegoes to the high Priefls and brings the flyer to them, why faith he, you fet mea worke , you arethe authors of it, and I hope to find forecomfort from you; you fee he found tittle comfort in his mind,yet that was his refuge. The Kings of Ifrael and Judah when theywere dillre&d,they fled toE- gypt and to cA'jhur, to this or that helpe, which (the Lord faid) were broken reads to them,but yet that was their refuge:This is the manner of every man being out ofChrift, that is an vn. regenerate man, that is in his naturali eftate force refugehe hath, friends, or wealth,or cre- dit, or thefavour of thePrince , fomething or other it is: and ifhe bee deflitute and haue no refuge (as fometimes it fo falls out) then his heart is (haken as the leaues of the forreft; Their hearts were (haken even for feare ofthe king ofAram , As the leaues are fhaken in the forreîr; andwhy? becaufe theyknew not how to defend themfelues , they had no refuge to fly to: So you fee it was with BelJKars heart, fo Achitophel, and foSaul, when he fees that he mutt dy thenext day,and that there was no re- fuge for him:then I fay their hearts fanke and D 3 dyed Gen. 3 2...I a. Ifaiah, 7, 2.