Preston - BV824 P73 1631

------.. 22 The firfi Sermon dyed within them ; And now confider how it is with thee, what is the refuge to which thy heart flyeth, and which thy heart makes moff account of, (for every man thinkes withhim felfe , change oftime may come, andwhat fBall bee my comfort, what (hall be my ffrong hold at that time.) Doff thou flye to Iefus Chri ff ? is beethy fuccour when thyheart is dejeted at any time and faints within thee:' from which fountaine doff thou fetch thy comfort ? Doff thou fly to Chriff, to comfort thy felfe in him x when thou art in a doubtfull cafe , that concernes thee as much as thy life? whither doff thou goe for counfell and dire -. lion r is it to Chriff, tobefeech him toguide thee & direct thee, when thou art preffed hard? whither Both thy heart goe for fuccour & for helpe to keepe thy felfe fafet Is it toChriff, or to fomewhat elfe r Mybeloved , I affure you this , that acarnali man that is not in Chriff, in thefe, times of diffreffe knowes not whither to goe, bee daresnot goe toChriff, for he feares that it (hall be asked hirn, vpon what acquain- tance,.' for he bath been a ffrangerto the Lord, he was never acquainted with him : but a car - nall man that is out ofChriff , bee goes to his Mufes,he goes to his farmes, he goes to his bu- fhes,as the hunted hare was wont todoe,to goe to the places that fhe viedwhen fire lived quiet, thither fhee Oyes whenffhe knowes not how to efcape : fo in that fafhion it is withmen, looke what