Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. what things they werewont, to which their hearts had recourfe in timeofprofperity, and what their haunts hauebeene , to thofe bufbes they fly: Bur alas! they are but bulbes, filch as wily not defend them. But now the Chriftian on the other fide , the mute , the farme as it were (it is but to exprefíe it to you) that his foule is acquainted with, (that is mymeaning) the ftrong hold that hee was wont to fly vnto, wpon every feverall evill, vpon everrordinary doubt, vpon every dejeétign and difcourage, went and faintingofheart; he was wont to fly to Chrift, and there he was wont to find corn fort, and thither hee goes in time of greareft difficulty in the day of death , and there hec ands comfort. Confider ifhee bee thy chiefe refuge, for ifthy heart hath taken him as he is thy chiefe excellency, thy chiefe joy thy chiefe treafure; fo hee will be thy chiefeft re- fuge, yeawhenall things elfe are taken away, yet that cover remaines fate: fuppole thou be inprifon, fuppo`fe thy credit be takenaway, (I meane)thy wordly credir,(for theother credit cannot be taken away from any man that hath Chrift,) fuppofe thy life bee.taken away, fup- pofe thoubee ftript of all that thou haft ; yet thouhaft Chrift for thy chiefe refuge,and thou thinkeft fo , and thy heart is fatisfyed with it. As Paulfaith , when bee was a prifoner, when he was naked, when he was definite, whenhe was ftript ofall , yet (faith hee) I blowwhom I haue :