Preston - BV824 P73 1631

24 The firfi Sermon haue trufied, As ifhe fhould fay, yet I haue him Cafe, yet my cover was over my head, yet I am fife in mycattle, i hauechoofcn him , I haue him in death, yea then Chrift he is advantage, he is a cover, a cattle, & a refuge. 5 Laft of all, confider whom thou fetteft vp for thy chiefeft Commander, who it is to whom thougiveic the chiefecommand in thine heart. You will fay how (hall I know that r Why (my beloved) he whom a man feareth moft, & loveth moft, that i, he whole fr_iendfhip aboue all others he would-leaAloofe, and whole dif- like and feperationhelothmolt feare, certain- ly he will bee moft obedient tohim, he will be moft obfervant ofhim. Art thou fo to Chriflr take all the things in the world , ifthou let vp him, as himwhom thoumoft feareft & loveft, thou wilt moft obey him: So againe, he whom thou thinkeft candoe thee the greateft good,& the greateft hurt , him thou wilt moft obey; if thou thinkeft in good earrreft- that Chrift is a- ble to doe it, certainly then thou wilt mofto- bey him; As for example, ifthou looke toany elan in the world , a man that is out ofChrift, he thinkes that the favour or the wealth ofthe King., candoe him moregood and mnorehurr, then the favour, or the loífe ofthe favour-of Chrift; He thinkes that wealth, or credit, or fomethingel le, (many things there are that he `thinkes) candoe him more good&more hurt, therefore lice more relpe is their command, then