Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. then the command of Chrifl, but a man that fens vp him fcirhis chicle Commander, hee re- gards nothing elfe when it comes to croffe it, when it comes to thwart any command of Chrif becaufe hee faith thus to him felfe in his heart in fecret . It is the Lord that can do the greatefl good, and thegreatefl hurt, therefore I care for no more. So Naboth he cared not for Ahabwrath. SoMordecay ca- red not for Hamans difpleafure: fodid theA- poflles they cared not forthe HighPriefls,nor what they could doe, v4cic.4. So did the 3 children (as you call them) theycared not for the fiery furnace of N.abucadne7Lar , nor forall that hee was able todoe and why. r becaufe they thought that Chrifl, and that God was able to doe themmore hurt, and more. good; Now take any Commander in the world,when you regardnot the punifhment,nor the reward that he isable to inflidor to giuc you his au thority i gone;nowwhen you fet vpChriit, & think 1ö ofChrifl, you are ready to obey him, and obey him rather then anyother: Therefore :confider with thy felfe this, and confider fe- rioufly,aske thy heart the queflion,what is that thou fetteft vp to be thy chiefeft Commander:' For thereare three great Commanders in the world , that divide all mankinde betweene themalmofl..And that is.wealth,and eflate,and worldly credit & thyhonor to liue_inefleeme, pleafures, anddelight, now thinke with thy E felfe