Preston - BV824 P73 1631

Thefirfi Sermon felfe whenany of thefe three great Comman- ders come with any command; contrary to that which Chrift commands, thinkewith thy felfe what thou wilt doe in fuch a cafe, what waft thouwont to doe, looke to pall experi- ence: looke backe to thy former wayes, fee what thouwaft wont to doe: thinke with thy felfewhen fucha Command comes, what thy heart reafons vpon5ifconcupifcence,if aflrong 'alga thong impetuous delre come,. and bid thee to doe foinething, which is contrary to that which Chrift would haue thee to doe, what art thou ready to doe in fuch a cafes if thyprofit, the maintenance of thy ef}ate, thy liberty, thy wealth, thy convenience in this world come and command thee to doe one thing, and thy conicience ( which is Chrifts vifegerent)1 come in his ftead, and command thee another thing,what art thou ready todoe in that cafelswwhen thy credit,thy honor,& reputation, thy vaine glory íhall come and bid thee doone thing,and Chrift (hall bid ¿h&doe another, what is.thy refolution, what art thou wont todoe? By this thou fhalt knowwhether thou fertefl vp Chrifl, as the chiefe Comman- der in thy heart or noe , whether thou giuefl him thy chiefe throne, whether thou exalteft him for Godin thy hearr;you knowwhen you exalt him for. God; every thing then yeelds, if in truth bee be fet vp for God in thy heart: Therefore confider what it is that thy heart lets