Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. lets higheft, whether thou exalted himmod, whether (when anyofthefe threatning, cry- ing commands come) thou candgiue them an abfolute denyall, and fay with thy felfe, I will not obey you ; and if they threaten imprifon- ment,or difgrace,and loffe oflife, and ifI doe not obey fuch a lull, I (hall be wrung & pincht for i.t,I (hall lofe fuch delights: well,I am refol- ved to beareal this: on the other fide,whé they (hall come with faire proffers, you (hall haue this honour,and this advancement,& this con - venience.If thy heart can fay now, I will haue noneofyou,for I fee it is a command contrary to his that is abone, whom I haue let vp for my chiefe Commander whom l refo'ue to obey, whom I take to be greater then all the friend= (hip in the world, then all theproffts,pleafures, andcredits in theworld,I fay thus examine thy felfe what thy heart is toward Chrifr,what it is to his command: and ( let mee touch that by the way) thouulnaalb thew thy obedienceto C: hrifl,in thy obedience to others;My beloued there are- indifferent things, that are in them - felues not of moment one way or other , whether wee doe them or not doe them, and though the omiffionofthem in themîelues be nothing , yet when it frail be of contempt and neglect of thofe that are let in fìiperi- our placeover you, in fuck a café you ought not to doe it : this is a rule, and a true rule in divinity, that indifferent things may be o- E z mitred