Preston - BV824 P73 1631

28 Thefirfi Sermon mitred except in two cafes, incafe offcandall, and in cafeof.negled, and contempt ofautho- rity:therefore when there is negleí`l,whenmen thewcontempt, for that cafe it is tobe done, though for the other it is not to be done. This I touch but by the way,that oumay confider it in your particularoccafioñ.. Nowmy beloued,you fee there 5. things,by whichyoumay know ifyou haue tooke Chrift or no,ye knowwhen a man comes to examine himfelfewhether he bea fitte man, a man that hath any right to come to the Lords table, bee mull confider whether bee bein Chrifl, otherwife he bath nothing to doe either with this priviledge,or with any other; Now to be in Chrift, theremuft (as I laid) goe a double aì,theremutt be one on thy owne fide, there muff be one ad on thy part to take him; and there muft be an a& on his part, there goes out a ürength and a verme fr= him by which hee takes thee andcomprehends thee: The time is paft,and I cannot proceed further, onely re- member this that hath beene Paid toybu, and examine your felues. by it whether you bein the truth,whether youmakeChriff your chiefe Excelencie,your chiefeTredfure, your. chiefe lo-y, your chiefe Refuge, your chiefe Commander, it thou finde that thou haft done this, if thou finde thy heart wrought to fuch ana&as this, to take Chrift in fuch a manner, then thou haft Chrift, thou art in hip, then thouhaft a right in