Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. in him, and maift comewith comfort, but if thou haue it not,then I muff charge every one of you in the name ofChrift Terns (in whole authoritywecome) that you medie not with fuchholymifteries. My Beloued you know what I haueoften toldyou, there is a neceffity layd onmen to come to the Sacrament : you know he that neglected the PafTover was tobe cut offfrom the people. It was a very great finne: fo it. was to omit the Sacrament: you haue diverfe* arme#, and if your bufineff'e hinder youfrom one, you may come to ano. ther,I meane in a Tearme, yea there is a necef- fity lyes vpon you to come, but yet we mutt giueyou adouble charge,one that thou omit it not,and another that thou comenot hither vn- leffe thou be inChrift; what haft thou to doe, . thou that aria profaine perfon, thou haft no- thing to doe with him,thou that art yet a Bran- ger to him, that thou íhouldit thruftin to the Lords table;thou ought'ft not to döe it, ifthou doff, thou eatefi drinkeftthy oiine damn4tion, infteadof thy falvation, The