Preston - BV824 P73 1631

EheSecond Sermon. y'fe. AND fo nowwee come to the Vfe,and that is,that there is an Ad of Chrifi to make an vision betwixt vs,that we may be his,and he ours; there is an adofhis, that is, there is a certaine power or vertue comes from him,even as there doth from the Load-Bone to the iron ,- that drawes thee to him, there goes out a vertu-and power from him as to the woman that touched thehemme of his garment, that healed her bloody iífue, fuch a power goes out from Chrifi to every man, that is in him. And as youmuff examine it by your ovine ad, fo in the fecondplaceyou are to examine it by this; confider whether there hach gone out any fuch power from Chrifi to take thee,and comprehend thee: For you muft know this,that when once weeare in Chrifi, then there goes forth an effeEivall and almighty power from him , which loth not makea little light alteration; a light changeon the fuperficies ofthe heart, but it alters the ve- ry frame of it, it turnes the very rudder of the heart, fo that a mans courte is to a quitecon- trary point of the compaffe,it is filch an altera- tion as dothbreed vs,not forcegood concepti- o,onelyof purpofes and defires whichmany haue,