Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament., haue, which when they cone to the birth, there is no ftrength to bring them forth: but he giues to vs a power and ftrength toper- forme them : That is, heedothnot put upon them a wafhy colour ofprofeffion,but hee dy- eth them in graine withgrace 8holines. And therefore confider whether thou hats found a- ny experience offuch a power goingout from Chrift to thy heart 3 This mybeloved, differs, from common graces, fr6 the common forme ofgodlinefle which is in theworld, as much as the life differs from thepi±ure, oras the fub- ftance from the fbadow, as a through perfor- mance differs from a proffer, or anoffer: or as that which hath finewes and vigour,differs from that which is weakeand powerles. Ther- fore this power ofChrift whichbee puts forth and diffufeth into the heart of every man that is in him,is called theKingdome.And the King-1 dome ofChrift is not inword, but inporver: That is, when once he ruïest as a King, ee eher- cifeth akingdome there, and he faith onely to vs,I will haue inch a thingdonethey arenot weal e and powerlefle commands that he giues to the heart of a man that hedwels in) but faith he, the KingdomeofGod is not in wordbut in power,that is,there goes an efficaciewith thefe commands, there goes a great ftrength with them,that brings every thought, and every re- bellious affec`fion into fubjedion to it & there- fore confider I fay, ifthou stesidit haue thefe vernies,