Preston - BV824 P73 1631

ThefecondSermon vertues, whether thou be in Chriii, whether any fuch power hath gone out from Chrift to thy heart. But you will fay,what isthispower andver- tue, and in manner is it infufed into the heart ofman ;i this feemes tobe a narration of a thing a farreoff:? My beloued we will explaine it as well as.we cantoyou; even as you fee an Artificer work- ingwith his inftrument, there goes a certaine vertue out from that art which is in his minde, and guides inflrument tomake this or thaç the whichwithout it could not be done;'when hee makes any artificiali thing, as a knife, or a fword; or when the Potter fafhions the potty his hand is fet on worke, & there is a certaine invifible,a certaine fecret paffage, an influence of the art that goes along withhis hand, that brings forth fuch an artificiali thing;oreven as you fee themembers moue; a man mouing his arme,or his hand,or anypart ofhis body,there goesa tiirtaine vertue from his will, a certaine fecret power:,efficacie & command that ffirres them this way or that way, the thing wee fee not,yet we fee it in effect.° or as you fee it in the creature, you fee the creatures that God hath made, they haue all the feverall infIini'ts, by which they are inftigated to doe this or that; you fee the birds are infligated to make their nef}s offuck a fathion,atfuch a feafon;fo every creature according tohis feverall kinde. There goes