Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the SdCY'aYlZe7Z%, 33 goes out from God who is the authour of na- tureto there workesof nature, a certainever- tue that puts themon and inftigatesthem,and puts them to this or that: and as you fee anar- row that is fhot by the Archer, there goes a vertue together with it, that dire is it juft to fuch a marke,fo farre,andno further . So after this manner comes apower fromChrift to his members, that, as Toone as a man is in him, therecomes fuch a fecret divine, vnexpreffa.ble efficacy that workes vpon the heart ofhim in whomhee dwells. And therefore you fee the conjundion betweene him andvs, iris com- pared to that which is betweene the foule and the body, that as and ffirres vs too and fro, according to its will and pleafure, fuchan effi- cacy fhalt thou find , ifthou belong 'untohim, and therefore confideriftherebee fucha thing in theeor no. But youwill fay, towhat `purpofe is this effi- cacy , and what doth it in my heart when it comes there? Why I will tell thee what it doth it is ex- preffed inplaine termes z. Cor. 5.17. Whofa- ever h in Chrij is made a new creature ; That is theworke that it effeâs ; it is fuch a powerand efficacy as makes theea newcreature; That is, It breakes in peeces theold building , it quite takes away the firfI print ; As when a man comes tomake anew fiampe, the fiat muff bee removed : fo that this efficacy that goes our. F from