Preston - BV824 P73 1631

Thefecond Sermon from Chriif, it hath a double vertue in thy foule , to weareour theold ffampe, tobreed a death of the old nature, of the old man, to ru- ine andbreake downe the old building, and to fet vp anew one ; and that the fcripture calls a new creature: and therefore confider with thy felfe whether thou find fuch a vertue as hath put thy heart into fuch a new frame, as hash moulded it alltogether, and hath put it into another fafhion then it was, confider whether all in theebe new. You will fay this is firange, muff all be new? My beloved , youknow the words they are cleare,old things are patted away,all things are become new. (In the fame place which I quo- ted before) that as the command was inthe of- feringof thePaífover, not a jot ofold leaven, but we muffpart with it Now this is thena tureof leaven , It is alwayes purging out, and it will be purging out while we arehere, only the efficacy and ffrength thereof remaines; Then thinkewith thy felfe, is all new 'inmee, Tooke what naturali difpofition I haue had, looke what naturall luffs & defires I haue had, fee what as I was wont to doe, what old haunts and. cuffornes I haue had, looke what old company I kept, what old`courfes I woke, what my trail bathbeene, is all this altered& every thingbecome new:' (for faith he, it muff bea newcreature, a newnature:) That is, it is not enough for a man tohaueanew courfe fo:' a fir,