Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 35 a fit, to hauenewpurpofes , anda new change that comes like flafhes,I fay,that is not enough; you may haue manynew things in you, that may be in old hearts, like pecces ofnew cloath in old garments , that will doe thee nogood at all; the Lord regards not that : like new wine in old veffels ; fo it is where there are fonie new things,that are good things in themfelues, in a carnali And oldheart , theyare not fit for the heart , and,therefore they never flay long there : So faith thetext, Piet a nerypeece into an oldgarment, andit makes therent greater. Therefore all muff be new; I fay theremuff be a new nature , thatthere new things may be there: even as the feverall creatures are in their feverall elements , as the elements are in their owne 'place, as the plants are in their proper boyfe, as the branches are upon their owne roote; For then they floriíh , then they hold out,then they continue ; Therefore fee whe- ther this vigor , this efficacy , this vertue hath gone out from Chrift into thy heart , whether it hath not only renewed all in thee , but alfo hath given thee a new nature, That is, whether it hath wrought fuck a change in thee, thatall the wayes ofgodlines andnew obedience, be- come in ameafure naturali to thee, fo that thou canft doe them cheerefuily , even as we heare, and fee, and doe naturaliaâións, and that thou doff themwithout wearineffe: foryou know, things that arenaturali wee are not weary of F z them;