Preston - BV824 P73 1631

36 The fecond Sermon them ; And fothouwilt doe them confrantly, for what is naturali , frayes and abides by vs, our-growes and out wearies what ever is in vs befide 3 Nowbath there a vertue gone out fromChrifr , that hath wrought all this in you, that bathmade all new, &bathnot only done fo, but bath made it naturali to thee:' But you will fay, muft it needsbe fo, cannot Chrifr rake and comprehend mee, but there muft bee this wonderfull change wrought, who canbe Caved then ? I haue thenbut little hope, when I amvpon my deathbed; and then (hall looke vpon my oldnature, and find no filchworke as Afv. thiswrought vponme. Beloved, I befeech you confider this, that there is a neceffityof it, It is fo", and it muft bee fo, and except you haue ir, youcannot bePaved ; you fee the words inthe fcriptures are aloft cleare, Who,focver is in Chrijtt 4 anew creature : Doe but confider whether it be fo or no, theremuft be withall a newheaven anda new-earth; You fee that was the great pro, mifethat was tobe fulfilled in our times ofthe Goffiell: was it not a newPreifthood, was it not a newcovenant; hash not the Lord Paid,. there muff bee a new heavenandanew earth , That is, new graces from heaven,, anda new company ofmenwrought on,and changed by thofegra- ces r fhall oldAdam, thofe that are borne of ofhill, (hall they receiue apower from him,to make them like to him ; to carry his Image,. to be