Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on ,the Sacrament. 37: bee corrupt, and carnall, and finfull as hce is: And doe you not thinke that the Newvidam, the Second Adana , íhall haue as much efficacy in him tomake thole new creatures,that are in claim , that come to him Certainly there is as much power, and life, and vigor in the new Adam, to change every man that is in hirn, that comes to him, & tomake them new creatures, As in the old 4e/4m, tomake them like him: Betides , hathnot Chrift faidplainly, I come not into the world to faue foules only , that is not my bufìnes alone (though that was a great part of the bulneffe and errant for which flee came into the 1,vorld)but (faith he) Icame topa- rifleapeople, to .y f lfe, . 7Lealous ofgoodworkes: in the a Tit. Now if that were the endof Chrifis comming, dot} thou thinke that hee will loofe his end? And therefore its imponible, thata- ny man fhould be faved,to hauepart in Chrift, & that he fhould be in Chrift &Chrift in him, his heart be purified fo, as tobe zealous of goodworkes. If Chrift dwell in thy heart, thoumayft eafily know it;for doll thou thinke, that Chrifl will dwell in a foule and vncleane place? hath henot pure eyes? And therefore it is certaine wherefoever hedwells, that place muff bea frt Templefor him todrvellin, & there- foreofnecefïity heemail cleanfe thy heart, he muff fafhion it, &keepe it pure, and cleatle, and (weer, fo as it maybea fit Temple for him and his Spirit to dwell and delighti.n. :Betides F 3 doth