Preston - BV824 P73 1631

3 8 The fecund. Sermon doth henot looke tohis glory in all thole that belong tohim ' hee hath many eyes to looke vpon them as it were, there are many 1peaa- tors men and Angels, to fee what theyare,and how they behaue themfeiues : Ifhee fhould haue a company of men to belong unto him that are carnali, perverfe,and worldly minded, that haue crooked wayes likeother men,would this bee for his honour would it not bee Paid, like men , like Mailer would it not reflect vponhimr Certainly it would; and therefore theLord fo orders it, that tholewhom he hath redeemed, Jhouldbee holy in allmanner ofconver- htion : Saith hee , you muff be as I am, elle it will bee for my difhonour, As I am holy, fo e- veryoneofyou mull be holy, in all manner of converfation Therefore' let no man deceiue himfelfe, to thinke hecan goeawayand yet be in Chrift, and be faved through Chrift and the mercies ofGod in Chrift, when there goes oút no power fromChrifl , there comes no filch vertue from him to change any man, to worke on' him , to alter him , to make him another creature; And therefore I befeech you in the examining of this , (for its a matter of great. moment) to confider withyour felues , if this be wrought in you or no ; whether you finde any experiment &effeóof this mightypower, efficacy, andvertue : and let mee4bring you a little toparticulars: 1-lath there gone out a ver- tue from him toenable thee tobeleeue,f there is