Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 39 is a faith required in the Deity , there is a faith required in thepromifés ofGod, there is a faith required in the providence of God, to thiñke that every particular thing is ordered by ir; There is alfo a faith in all the threatnings of God : Now for the mannerof propounding; when the Scripture comes to propound any thing, it propounds it thus,and no more: as you fee in c_mofes, beewrites nothing, but In the be- ginningGodmade heavenand earth &c. And fo the Apoffleswrite; Such a thingwas done, le- fa chrift raw borne ofthe VirginMary ; Thits ry thu he did. Nowwhen the naked object is pro pounded, other writers what they deliver or write is rational!, They vfe Reafons and argu- ments toconvincemen ofthofe things which they deliver ; But when the Scripture lets downe any propofitions offaith, it doth but barelypropound them,for there is theMajeffy of God and authorityofGod in them,to con - firme them. But nowhere youwill demand, (the propo Rion being but nakedly laid downe in the Scriptures) what will enable a man tobeleeue it? I anfwer : that certainly there is a mighty ; A f,, power that goes out fromGod & fromChriff, that enables thee tobeleeue with this efficacy, that where theobject is fer before thee, there goes out a power from him to worke faith in thyheart, whereby thou trulybeleeveft it, and fo